Serip designs and produces nature-inspired chandeliers resulting in organic lighting that stands out for its thorough attention to detail. Serip’s design consists in nature-inspired organic shapes where the disproportionate and uneven forms set Serip’s design apart as exclusive and unique, based in nature’s powerful distinguished elements, bringing to life the concept of “Organic Lighting”. Founded in 1961, Serip’s heritage holds three generations of Portuguese craftsmanship highlighting a creative bridge between artisans and designers, providing a unique point of view by hand creation, contrasting with the production existing today.

With a strong presence in the international market, exporting more than 96 per cent of production, Serip, reaches more than 77 countries on five continents. England, United States of America, China and United Arab Emirates, are the countries where the brand has a greater impact.

Integrating the initial steps of the brand towards the path of internationalization, Serip is investing in Monobrand Showrooms, at the moment the brand have three showrooms around the world, Kiev, Jakarta and Beijing are the exclusive stores in international grounds.

With a broad enough portfolio, where are produced more than 400 references, Serip, also renew and update annually its collections by introducing new designs and creating new models. Currently has 22 collections, where it is possible to choose many types of bronze finishes, as well as endless glass options, depending on the collection.

The organic aesthetic design makes possible the real customization of the pieces, creating exclusive and unique designs. Serip offers the customer the power to adapt the products to the spaces environment.

Due to the almost entire absence of mechanic elements in the production process there are never two exact pieces. Every produced piece is a singular and unique work of art.

The materials used for our pieces are bronze and glass, both worked in specific processes by hand, in particular, sandcasting for bronze and hand blown glass. Made in Portugal, these processes give use to the Portuguese quality production.


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