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Kelly Hoppen MBE is the most influential female designer in contemporary Europe. Early in 1997, she won the Andrew Martin International Interior Design Award known as the Oscar of interior design. In 2007, she won the Top 100 Designer Award in the Architectural Digest, an authoritative architectural magazine in the United States, and other awards. In 2009, she won the MBE knighthood for interior design awarded by Queen of England. She also owned the title of "the Most Desirable Home Designer" and "Top 100 World Designer", becoming the much sought after celebrity designer for many famous international celebrities.


The design of Kelly Hoppen is actually a design through which the so-called space design cannot be seen. Each object seems to just exist in living space without extra or deliberate addition, being the exact top aesthetics for home styles among modern people. She's good at using multiple textures to manifest momentum, which is different from the bright colors Chinese people are used to. Kelly Hoppen takes advantage of white, beige, taupe, deep taupe and other low-profile earth colors to bring a sense of quietness.


"Equilibrium" is her principle for design. She thinks that space, light, texture, color and form are five components during design and play separate and important roles to make the overall environment harmonious. Besides, she is familiar with the principle of "East Meets West". To sum up, she uses white, beige, taupe, deep taupe and other low-profile earth colors to match some special gold and silver texture to add luxury, and uses comparative textures and differentiated colors to arouse deep sensual experience and making elegant and natural uniqueness and unity for home space. Eastern and western features are also mixed with focus on equilibrium and symmetry. Eastern and western elements together with the mixture between vintage and modern are presented through eclecticism to show personal design method.